Group M compounds

FFPM (FFKM): perfluoro elastomer
Commercial names: Kalrez (Du Pont), Parafluour (Parker).
The principal characteristic of this type of elastomer is the ability to maintain its chemical-physical characteristics at very high temperatures (circa 300°C), even in contact with aggressive fluids or in vacuum seal applications. Its fluorine content limits its use at low temperatures, which cause fragility and loss of elastic memory.
In practice it can be observed that the only fluids that cause deterioration of the compound are those containing fluorine.

Temperature table
Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature
  • -20°C in dynamic applications
  • -30°C in static applications
Fluid compatibility table
No compatible
  • Mineral oils
  • Silicone oils and greases
  • Animal and vegetable oils and greases
  • Aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Acids, alkali, saline solutions
  • Glycol based fluids
  • Oxygen, Ozone, Nitrogen
  • Fluids containing fluorine
The Elastotech code for this compound is: ME17XX/YY.
Elastic compound for O-rings