Other design items

Other items are all rubber items produced by Elastotech that do not fall within the previous categories. It should be noted that the O-Rings represent approximately 50% of total production, while the sum of the other categories described above corresponds to 20%.

The other design items therefore cover the remaining 30%. These items are: grommets, bellows, set collars, square bezels, quad-rings, oval-rings, etc... The following tables are available: Collars Table containing the measurements of the rubber set collars available and the Oval-Rings Table which lists all the moulds that may be used for producing these special items.

Elastotech's forty years of experience in producing rubber articles guarantees the ability to make any item in elastomer, if necessary advising the customer on the exact type of compound to be used. Elastotech personnel co-operate fully with the customer, especially during the design of a new item. The request for co-operation to resolve particular sealing problems is particularly appreciated.
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