Elastic compounds

The good seal of an O-Ring is due to the correct choice of dimensions and the elastomer that will form it. The elastomer is an elastic compound of natural (natural rubbers) or synthetic origin. Many types of elastomer exist, each with its own chemical and physical characteristics. Choosing the right product means finding the compound that maintains enough elasticity to guarantee the seal in particular operating conditions, and which will present chemical compatibility with the substances present in the system; not only the fluids but also the elements that make up the system. In this part of our catalogue, we would like to briefly illustrate some of the principal elastomers that we use for the production of O-Ring and other specific items requested by our clients. The numerical values are indicative and obtained from our tests and/or information supplied by the producers of the compounds.

The compounds used are composed of base rubbers to which loads and chemical elements are added in order to obtain a particular behaviour. Sometimes, such additions modify the nature of the base elastomer in a quite considerable way and even small variations in the quantity of mixed elements can cause behaviour that differs from what is expected. For this reason, Elastotech has adopted a system to keep under control and guarantee the minimum characteristics required of the compounds. On entering Elastotech, each lot of material receives a serial number (lot), which serves to indicate the lot of origin. Subsequently, a sample from each incoming lot is subjected to checks with the aim of verifying the agreement to the required characteristics; only after it has passed these checks is the compound "lot" sent to the production department. The identification by serial number means that every single element produced can be traced to a particular compound lot.
Elastic compound for O-rings