Various applications

Lastly, there are elements that cannot be categorised to any one sector anch which are extremely different to each other, although not for this any less important in Elastotech's overall production. They are articles for biomedical applications (which therefore also requiremixes of maximum purity); for costume jewellery; for the building trade; for electronics; for the conveyance of elasticity; for the aerospace industry (extreme precision and constancy); even for fashin. All things considered, these objects have something in common; as a whole they improve our daily universe, making us feel better in it because we can use it with increasing naturalness and freedom.

Gaskets for applications of all types, mass-produced or to request, with standard mixes or specially studied mixes to resolve all sorts of sealing problems even under particularly difficult conditions of use or in the presence of completely different contact elements.

The fields in which these gaskets are applied include: aeronautics, medicine, costume, jewellery, shipbuilding, mining, packaging, manipulatio, mechanics, electronics, toy/games, publishing, household appliances, lighting, paramedics, medicaments, recycling, constructions, weapons, atomic, electric, railway, extraction, telephony, filtration, purification, robotics, accident-prevention, horticulture, textiles, pharmaceutics and many others.
Rubber gaskets