Detailed panorama on some compounds of O-rings

In Elastotech we use high quality O-ring compounds and gaskets, made with a variety of elastomers depending on the final use and approved according to the most important international standards of the industry, such as NSF61 - WRAS - DVGW - KIWA - MOCA - ACS - FDA - KTW-BWGL - EN 16421 - EN 549 - EN 681 - 3-A SANITARY - ÖNORM B 5014-1 and many others.

In Table 8.5 we have illustrated in detail some of the compounds that are most commonly used in the production of O-Rings specifying their availability by grades of hardness and most common use.

In the following tables the compounds to use are indicated in the case where correspondence to international regulations is required. In Table 8.6 the compounds are that respond to the specific requests of various nations are shown, while in tables 8.7, 8.8, 8.9 those accredited for specific jobs are indicated:
  • Table 8.7 compounds for uses in the food industry;
  • Table 8.8 compounds to employee in the production of components for the regulation and distribution of gases;
  • Table 8.9 compounds for uses in contact with drinkable water.
In the page homologations the summary table is shown which collects all of the Elastotech compounds that have received homologation according to the different international regulations.
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