Chemical resistance

The choice of the exact elastomer is undoubtedly fundamental for a successful seal One of the greatest problems in choosing the exact elastomer to be used, is the conscientious assessment of the chemical resistance to the various contact elements of the sealing system. It should also be considered that it is often impossible to find a compound which satisfies all the desired requirements of chemical resistance. It is therefore necessary to reflect thoroughly on the choice of elastomer, having recourse to a sort of compromise.
The basic chemical resistances must therefore be precisely distinguished from the secondary ones to which the item to be made will be submitted and the compound which is the nearest to the required optimal characteristics must be chosen.

A Table of Chemical Resistance is available to help choose. This table is the result of forty years of Elastotech experience and should always be referred to, taking into account the other basic factors which could influence the seal, such as pressure, temperature, squashing, etc. Elastotech standard compounds are usually resistant to an average amount of chemical elements and satisfy most requirements of use.

It is possible, however, to submit to our Sales Office specific requirements of chemical resistance, even if they are not present in the relative table; the office will check the feasibility of a compound with a specific formulation. In this case it is indispensable to focalise the request on the most important needs, neglecting or specifying as secondary the marginal requirements. Our Sales Office is also available for assessing special requirements from the economic viewpoint, which cannot be ignored since the choice of a special compound would undoubtedly influence this aspect.
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