Group M compounds

EPM – EPDM: ethylene-propylene and ethylene-propylene-diene
Commercial names: Buna AP (Chem.Werke Hüls), Keltan (DSM), Dutral (Montedison), Nordel (Du Pont), Vistalon (Enjay Chemical), Royalene (Uniroyal Chemical), Epcar (B.F. Goodrich Co).
EPM rubbers are made up of ethylene and propylene copolymers that develop long saturated molecular chains capable of making the compound suitable for contact with many fluids of different natures. By adding a third monomer to the compound, EPDM rubber is obtained, which presents shorter molecular chains with respect to saturated rubber; the terpolymer obtained adds a good resistance to radiation to the characteristics of the starting copolymers.

Temperature table
Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature
150°C (200°C)
Fluid compatibility table
No compatible
  • Glycol based fluids
  • Sodium and potassium solutions
  • Organic and inorganic acids
  • Silicone oils and greases
  • Radiation (EPDM)
  • Solutions with phosphorus
  • Hot water and water vapour
  • Oxygen, Ozone
  • Acids
  • Mineral fluids
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Gas
The Elastotech code for this compound is: ME01XX/YY.
Approved compounds: ME094X/YY.
Elastic compound for O-rings