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The showers sector is presented separately from the Sanitary - Taps and Fittings sectors, because, as it falls within the realmof confort, it's creating lively interest and experiencing rapid growth.

Elastotech's wide array af gaskets and elements used here are not only non toxic and heat resistant, which are basic requirements, but are also extremely practical and aesthetically plesing, which are special needs of this sector.
Elastotech contributes ti well-being relaxation.

Specific gaskets/seals for the shower production sector: anti-scale, for high temperatures, shockproof, anti-abrasive, aesthetic, coloured to RAL to PANTONE® chart, non-toxic, LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), approved for use in contact with hot and cold drinking water (NSF, WRc, KTW, DVGW, ACS, FDA, etc.), high strenght, extremely elastic, two-part, rubber-metal, rubber-plastic, overprinted, rubber+stainless steel mesh filter, etc.
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