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Principal compounds
In this paragraph we describe the principal compounds that are used in the manufacture of O-Rings, and their principal characteristics.

Group M Compounds
ACM: Polyacrylate
CSM: Chlorosulphonal polyethylene
EPM – EPDM: Ethylene-propylene and ethylene-propylene-diene
FPM (FKM): Fluorocarbon
FFPM (FFKM): Perfluoro elastomer

Group O Compounds
ECO: Epichlorohydrin copolymers

Group R Compounds
BR: Butadiene
CR: Chloroprene
IIR: Butyl
CIIR: Chlorobutyl
NBR: Acrylonitrile butadiene
HNBR: Hydrogenated nitrile
SBR: Styrene-butadiene

Group Q Compounds
MFQ (FVMQ): Fluorosilicone
Q, MQ, MVQ (VMQ), LSR (liquid silicone): Silicone rubbers

Group U Compounds
AU, EU: Polyurethane