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Gas flow and regulation

Gas flow and regulation
Technically speaking , the characteristics of the elements utilized in this sector are not very different from those required for distribution, transport and regulation of water flow. But because we are dealing with gas, safety needs become inevitable priorities. For Elastotech, this means secting the most suitable mixtures and carefully controlling every phase of the production process, so the membranes and other regulating elements perfectly meet the rigorous parameters required, down to the smallest thcknesses.When producing these articles, fluorgum uses mixtures analyzed and approved according ti recent European and international norms (ENSAD). For Elastotech, safety is a priority.

Gaskets designed for use in equipment for regulation, control flow and managment of gas: highly elastic, for high and very low temperatures, for oils, special chemical agents and gases, high mechanical and chemical resistance, approved to EN 549, extremely precise, two-part, rubber-plastic, rubber-metal, overprinted, rubber-cloth, extremely constant and precise in minimum thickness, crush-proof, etc.
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